How to play our Slot games.

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Slot machine definitions

1. Winning patterns are defined by WINLINES, usually starting from left to right. Some games can define bi-directional winlines. Winline pays highest win in case of multiple winning combinations occurring in games with special symbols (WILD).

2. Winning combinations are listed in PAYTABLE. Winning amounts are multiplied by bet-per-line or by the increment of bet-per-game.

3. SCATTER is the symbol that can appear anywhere on any reel, even on inactive winline, to make winning combination. Scatter win is multiplied by TOTAL BET. Scatter win can be defined as SUBSEQUENT – valid only if on subsequent reels. If not – any appearances of scatters will be included in the win.

4. WILD (substitute)  – “wild card” symbol that replaces any other fruit, usually except scatter and bonus, to complete winning combination.

5. BIDIRECTIONAL WINLINE – traditionally, wins are paid from left to right. Bidirectional winline pays from right to left also.

6. SCATTERED WINLINE – traditionally, winlines start from first reel (or last in case of bidirectional winlines). Scattered winline can start from any reel.

7. WILD WINLINE MULTIPLIER – defined as feature in specific games where wins combined with WILD are multiplied with this value. Can be defined by reel (for example, WILD appearing on reel 2 can have different multiplier than WILD appearing on reel 3). Also, these values can be specified for the free spins separately.

8. BONUS – combination of fruits winning the bonus game

9. BONUS GAME – additional sub-game used with slot machines winning additional award. Bonus game does not place any wager.



How to play our Slot games

1. Before starting the game, select number of winlines and bet-per-line. Some games allow only bet-per-game – player must play all winlines.
2. Game starts by pushing the SPIN button. This action commits your bet and starts reel animation.
3. Reels stop after short period of time (usually 3-10 seconds but can be longer, depending on server response time) showing the combination of symbols.
4. The highest win (if any) will be paid on each of the active winlines. Total win is displayed on the win meter.
5. If any additional BONUS win is detected game will automatically enter to the feature.
6. Game ends after all wins are paid to the credit meter.
7. By clicking on MAX BET you maximize lines and bet per line.
8. For more info about each game Scatter, Wild, Bonus and Winlines click INFO positioned on the Slot Interface, when choose game to play from Lobby.
9. For more info about Slot Interface buttons, click on Slot Interface link above.



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